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"Basketball Fan" President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron Visit "First 4" in Dayton

President Obama and Prime Minister Cameron to attend “First Four” NCAA Tourney Match up at U.D. Arena tonight. Ohio State Board Trustee and Ex-Buckeye, Clark Kellogg will be interviewing the two Heads-of-State at the half of the Mississippi Valley State and Western Kentucky match up. No doubt, the President will be discussing his picks for “March Madness”.

Prime Minister Cameron is in the U.S. for the March 18th and 19th G8 Summit at Camp David. The G8 Summit consists of the Heads-of-State from eight of the world’s largest economies. According to Wikipedia, these nations account for 42.5 % of Global GDP (Gross Domestic Product). The President decided it would be safer for world leaders to hold the summit at Camp David in the mountains of Maryland rather than the original plan of Chicago.

With the world’s economy struggling to recover from the Great Recession of 2009, we hope some real solutions come out of the summit in 2012. With the President’s visit to Dayton, hopefully our local economy will be discussed around Camelot’s Round Table and maybe even a few NCAA Hoops fish-tales.

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  1. I believe that any way goodwill among countries can be built is a benefit to all. This benefit can lead to increased trade and that leads to increased production and jobs for Americans. It is much better to build friendships among nations than it is to provide aid only while it may be needed it needs to be given with the cooperation as well.

    • Badsan on at

      I was a great pleasure to be outisde Downing Street as David Cameron was driven up to his new front door.A congregation of us then rushed back to The Red Lion pub to watch his speech on the television, and moments later the pub filled with MP’s, future cabinet members and Nick Robinson!It will go down as one of my favourite nights in history.

    • Erik on at

      This guy is too scary for words. He came in on such a cloud, a white knight whom peolpe thought would add value to Umno, temper the Youth wing, make it less race-cented and more knowledge based.Instead in so short a time, he has become as jingoistic as the rest. It calls into question his entire moral standing, that he is prepared to play to the gallery to be popular and gain support. It is such a cheap way of going to the top and I don’t think we should let jackals like this their way. I felt very, very uncomfortable with the way Tun Mahathir attcked his successor but I am grateful to him for opening a debate on the dangerous characters like Khairy and Kalimulah swarming around our Prime Minister. Tun Mahathir opened our eyes to these hypocrites and manipulators.Take Kalimullah – those articles he used to write in his paper, so full of empathy for the common man, the simple things in life, the road we have travelled. You would think he is a good, humble and upright man. Instead, he has turned out to be a fake, a masquerader, someone out to make riches for himself at the expense of the rakyat. And the lies that he has been exposed for telling his readers.And now Khairy, showing his true colours. Suhaimi Baba should use him in her next vampire movie. He is a first class actor who is primed for blood sucker role. Move aside Maya Karin!

  2. Steve Risner on at

    It was very painful watching the Buckeyes throw up bricks in the second half of the Kansas semi-final and give away the game.
    As for President Obama’s visit, Prime Minister Cameron received a nice slice of the American Society.

  3. Rian on at

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