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The Great Pause Begins To Rebound

Has the COVID-19 Economy, “The Great Pause”, begun to rebound? Recent data from the Institute for Supply Management (ISM),  suggests the Great Pause Economy may have hit bottom and has begun a slow rise to recovery. Besides perceived disruptions in raw materials supply, many economic indicators were up in May, which included production, new orders,…

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Clean Hands 101

Most healthcare experts agree, the single most important preventative measure to protect ourselves from the COVID-19 virus and other germs is to wash your hands. You can’t always control what you touch or who else has touched it.  An invisible enemy is lurking in plain sight, so look after your own hands. According to WebMD,…

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OSHA Guidance For The Workplace

OSHA offers guidance for companies’ workplace environments during this unprecedented time in our nation’s history. Ohio’s HR Associates is deemed essential for staffing assistance to  the Healthcare and Petroleum industries. Use our expertise to quickly find the perfect candidate so you can move forward with your current projects. Keep your workforce safe!      

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A Workplace Safe Harbor

With everyone thinking new beginnings for 2020, why not put your best safety foot forward and build a workplace safe harbor for your team. Implement a new Clean Floor protocol with occasional use of a pressure washer and bio-degradable detergents. Taking an active approach to slip, trip, and fall hazards will not go unnoticed. “I…

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2019 Fall Connect Newsletter

Job Interview 101 to OSHA’s Top Ten, the Fall Connect will inform and entertain to what a leading Miami Valley staffing agency has been up to. We sweeten the deal with a Tasty Pecan Pie recipe, just in time for Thanksgiving.

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Jump Start Your Career

There is nothing more disheartening than stepping into a new job unprepared. To boost your confidence and jump start your new career choice, here are a few suggestions to ease the frustration of transitioning into a new job. Expand on the research you have already done on your new employer. Know the company culture and…

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Resume: Short & Sweet

The most important rule to adhere to when writing a resume is “Keep it Short”, one page only. Reduce the clutter to give your resume some staying power. Your one page outline may, more importantly, not get noticed in the overwhelming stack of resumes a recruiter may be wading through. When a potential employer is deciding on…

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Three Interview Myths

Myth 1: The Interviewer is Prepared   More than likely, the person doing the interview is overworked and stressed because they need to hire someone. Many companies do not have the HR expertise to complete comprehensive interviews and background checks on candidates. The Interviewer, many times, will take a resume on face value not realizing the…

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Sit Up! Stop Fidgeting!

Understanding the importance of Body Language in a job interview can determine whether you make it past a firm handshake & the first 30 seconds. Most of us can remember one, if not both, of our parents firmly whispering, “Sit Up! Stop Fidgeting!” during  Sunday morning service when we were kids. Unbeknownst to Mom and…

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