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Resume: Short & Sweet

The most important rule to adhere to when writing a resume is “Keep it Short”, one page only. Reduce the clutter to give your resume some staying power. Your one page outline may, more importantly, not get noticed in the overwhelming stack of resumes a recruiter may be wading through. When a potential employer is deciding on…

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Three Interview Myths

Myth 1: The Interviewer is Prepared   More than likely, the person doing the interview is overworked and stressed because they need to hire someone. Many companies do not have the HR expertise to complete comprehensive interviews and background checks on candidates. The Interviewer, many times, will take a resume on face value not realizing the…

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Sit Up! Stop Fidgeting!

Understanding the importance of Body Language in a job interview can determine whether you make it past a firm handshake & the first 30 seconds. Most of us can remember one, if not both, of our parents firmly whispering, “Sit Up! Stop Fidgeting!” during  Sunday morning service when we were kids. Unbeknownst to Mom and…

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HR Associates Recognized

HR Associates’ President, Heather Risner, was recognized at May’s Miami County (MC) Safety Council meeting. The distinction is for her company’s efforts in reducing workplace injuries to her employees. On hand and presenting the awards at the Pioneer Electric Safety Council meeting was Michelle Francisco, the Ohio BWC’s Manager of Safety Councils. This is the…

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2019 Spring Connect

West central Ohio’s staffing leader discusses random drug screening, ladder safety, the local Upward basketball league, and a fresh guacamole recipe. Looking for a career change, click Here!   “Our superior screening process saves our clients valuable time and effort every day.” —– Heather Risner

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Portable Ladder Safety

Not likely to be on Simon & Schuster’s Best Seller list, but portable ladder safety rules may just save your life or at least, your pride.  We researched some common sense rules which are sometimes overlooked: · Inspect your ladder for damage. · Your ladder should be free of oil, grease and other slipping hazards. · Use a ladder…

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Carbon Fibre To Drive Local Industry

Increased use of Carbon Fibre Composites within the aerospace and automobile industries will continue to drive our local economy into the 2020s. To produce these composites, carbon fibers are usually combined with plastic resins and baked, forming a composite material, Carbon Fibre. Carbon Fibre is 80% lighter in weight yet has all the strength of…

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Do You Have A Happy Workforce?

 Employers who are getting the best production results from their workforce are focused on their happiness. That focus comes in many forms, from understanding broad expectations to adding a few perks to their daily grind.According to, Millennials are looking for certain job attributes from their employers. Thirty six percent of this age group will expect…

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