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A Workplace Safe Harbor

With everyone thinking new beginnings for 2020, why not put your best safety foot forward and build a workplace safe harbor for your team.

  1. Implement a new Clean Floor protocol with occasional use of a pressure washer and bio-degradable detergents. Taking an active approach to slip, trip, and fall hazards will not go unnoticed. “I like a dirty work environment”, said no one ever.
  2. Inspect and maintain personal protective equipment, as well as your machines. Search out the latest and greatest safety gadgets and show your team you care for their well-being.
  3. Review and update your Drug-Free workplace program and encourage personal health. Impaired employees are a danger to themselves and everyone around them.
  4. Tackle the OSHA top ten most common workplace injuries. Identify your most common injuries, as they relate to the list, and make necessary changes.
  5. Back injuries, review your employee lifting techniques and refocus your efforts in reducing back sprains and strains within your workforce. Instituting an exercise program to improve worker (back) health and well-being will help morale on many fronts.
  6. Host a Safety Stand-Down, where employers and employees get together and discuss how to improve safety standards and processes. Encouraging safety hazard reporting benefits everyone.
  7. Recognize and reward safety behavior. Giving a nod to safety innovation will boost the morale of today’s millennial workforce, those who tend to love a good cause.
  8. Extend invitations to safety conferences and workshops to all who will attend. The Ohio Safety Congress is an annual conference of safety workshops for every industry and would be a great place to start. Put safety in the forefront of your team’s agenda and you can create your own workplace safe harbor.

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