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Portable Ladder Safety

Not likely to be on Simon & Schuster’s Best Seller list, but portable ladder safety rules may just save your life or at least, your pride.  We researched some common sense rules which are sometimes overlooked:

· Inspect your ladder for damage.

· Your ladder should be free of oil, grease and other slipping hazards.

· Use a ladder only on a stable and level surface, unless otherwise secured in place.

· Know your ladder’s maximum load rating and include the weight of your tools in your calculation.

· Never use the top step/rung of your ladder.

· Be sure all locks on extension ladders are properly engaged on a rung.

· Do not place your ladder on unstable bases to gain height, as in boxes. (DUH!)

· Always maintain 3-Point Contact on the ladder when climbing.

· Stay in the middle of a step to maintain your center of gravity.

· Keep your ladder at a proper angle from the wall. The base should be ¼ of the working length distance from the vertical wall you are leaning on.

If someone says, “It’ll be easy to climb”,  don’t fall for it.

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