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Random Drug Screen Policy

Ohio manufacturers’ strongest deterrent to drug abuse by their workforce is random screening.  Random drug testing in the workplace is ...
HR Associates

Salary Negotiation 101

Yep, you can and should negotiate your salary and benefits when looking for that career change. You can also expect ...

Fall 2018 Connect Newsletter


The Interview Shortlist

 With over a decade of interviews under our belt, we came up with a short list of interview questions. When ...

2018 Recruiting Trends


Spring 2018 Connect Newsletter

Keeping your workforce happy, wearable safety tech, to Mama's Fried Chicken... you will Spring into a few great ideas.

Writing an "Exceptional Resume"

Resume writing isn't easy and a two page, one paragraph resume will get tossed  immediately. The following bullet points are a ...

HR Associates Beginning New Advertising Blitz

HR Associates is initiating an advertising blitz to promote the ease of starting a new career through our online process. ...

HR Associates Has Seen A Major Uptick in Manufacturing Jobs

HR Associates' President, Heather Risner has seen a major uptick in manufacturing jobs in West Central Ohio. Regional Unemployment rates ...
HR Associates

A Team Pledge

The lifeblood of every company is its employees and as the labor market tightens, the chance of a workforce exodus ...